Timely review of subsurface carbon storage

A new review is published on subsurface CO2 and H2 storage: ‘Subsurface carbon dioxide & hydrogen storage for a sustainable energy future‘ from Krevor et al., in Nature Reviews Earth & Environment.. This is a forward looking review where we evaluate the feasibility of expanding subsurface CO2 storage into a global-scale business, and translate lessons to H2 storage.  

Article for download: https://lnkd.in/egr7z8PQ
And freely available to read: https://rdcu.be/c3LE5

CCS is poised for widespread deployment, and it will happen fast if we have any chance of tracking IPCC pathways. What’s the hold-up? CO2 storage capacity has historically lagged behind capture capacity by 7-10 years. 96% of the worldwide storage potential is undiscovered. For Europe that translates to 172 Gt of storage waiting to be developed. There are no technical showstoppers here. Industry and research need to work together to make more headway on assessment of new storage sites. 

The paper provides an overview on:

➡ CCS Monitoring Technologies
➡ CCS Business Models 
➡ Analogies and Differences between CCS and Hydrogen
➡ The importance of social licenses to operate these technologies
➡ Ways for communities & governments to work together

Contributions by CSSR researchers: Sarah Gasda (NORCE) and Hadi Hajibeygi (TU Delft).

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