Benefits for CSSR industry partners

Energy companies and technology providers that sponsor CSSR gain many unique and valuable benefits.

Interested in joining CSSR? Please contact Centre Director Sarah Gasda for more information on how to join the consortium.

CSSR is committed to a strong and productive partnership with our industry sponsors.

Industry partners appoint technical experts to CSSR’s Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), whose role is to advise the centre management on research direction and performance.

CSSR hosts a partner workshop every spring, involving technical presentations, and goal-oriented breakout group discussions. The Research meets Industry workshop helps to sharpen the short-term research plan and better align research interests and needs between academia and industry.

Annual joint-industry workshops are hosted by each Focus Area in order to strengthen dialogue on relevant research topics. Recent workshops have focused on planning software development activities (FA2) and identifying best candidate fields or areas for implementation of center results (FA3).

Representatives from research and industry at the CSSR Partner Workshop, May 2023

Unique research program and infrastructure

  • CSSR utilizes a state-of-the-art microfluidics laboratory and pore-scale simulation expertise to characterize important physical, chemical and biological processes impact injection and production efficiency.
  • CSSR has unique national competence in subsurface microbiology and is the only research centre addressing the impact of microbiology for underground hydrogen storage.

CSSR has access to unique infrastructure for cutting-edge research and dissemination, including a PET-MRI scanner, radial core-flooding, and the FluidFlower flow rig.

World-leading expertise in software development

CSSR is the only petrocentre with internationally recognized competence in advanced reservoir simulation technology.

CSSR researchers have spearheaded a groundbreaking project with the Society of Petroleum Engineers to further advance and qualify CO2 simulation technology for commercial use.

CSSR researchers have a proven track record in open-source software development. The Open Porous Media (OPM) project is one example of successful collaboration between industry, research institutions and universities to develop state-of-the-art simulation tools relevant to porous media applications.