CSSR Research Strategy

CSSR’s research plan focuses on

Understanding and managing the consequences of operating petroleum reservoirs linked with variable renewable power.

Developing underground energy storage and CCS in depleted petroleum reservoirs as viable options for achieving local net-zero.

CSSR will address several unsolved questions related to adopting new strategies for oil production and developing new uses of the subsurface.

  • Can an oil reservoir be operated in sync with wind power, or even with peaks in consumer demand, to throttle down water injection when energy supply is limited?
  • Can industry-standard digital tools be adapted to alleviate the pitfalls of intermittent renewable energy?

Intermittency and cycling injection

CSSR research is focused is intermittent or cycling injection – a scenario that can be the norm and not the exception for reservoir operations in the years to come. Variability in energy supply introduces complex dynamics in the reservoir during water flooding that need to be carefully managed. Cycling flow is also relevant for underground energy storage and CO2 storage.

What are the consequences of intermittent energy supply for the subsurface?

By focusing on subsurface dynamics and complex coupled processes at play during cycling flows, CSSR will truly pioneer new modes of reservoir understanding and and creative solutions for reservoir management. CSSR research will shed light on these dynamics and how they impact the best mix of drainage strategies for oil reservoirs, underground energy storage and CCS.

oil platform

Petroleum production

New energy-efficient drainage strategies to synchronize oil and gas operations with intermittent wind energy.

black and yellow battery on white surface

Subsurface energy storage

New reservoir technology for underground energy storage (H2, thermal, compressed air) to balance variability in offshore electricity supply.

smoke stacks against blue sky

CCS: Carbon storage

Business models for CO2 storage in depleted or depleting reservoirs, and for a long-term transition to H2 energy storage.

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