Experimental work will be performed in close collaboration between laboratories at NORCE and University of Bergen where we have decades of experience performing tests at reservoir conditions. We have dedicated porous media laboratories for running µm to m scale flow experiments in linear/radial geometries. Our experience and unique infrastructure will  provide important data on production and injectivity subject to flow variability and quantify operability for short-term energy storage.

Analytical laboratories for chemical and microbiological analysis will be important for quantifying biogeochemical processes and support flow experiments to assess the balance between kinetic and equilibrium processes in a variable flow regime.

The Laboratory facilities are mainly used for research in

Flow processes will be visualised at different length scales ranging from reservoir condition microfluidics to meter-scale 2D x-ray as well as m-CT and CT combined with MRI or PET. The newly developed FluidFlower at the University of Bergen will be important for developing scientific understanding of multiphase flow in complex geological settings as well as serving as a demonstration tool for educative and outreach purposes.

List of labs/equipment

  • 2D x-ray large scale (1x1m) flow imaging
  • High pressure high temperature flow rigs
  • Radial flow rigs
  • Micro model laboratories for high pressure/high temperature
  • Microbiology analysis laboratory
  • Fluid analysis laboratory (microGC, HPLC, TOC, UV, ICP, rheometer, spinning drop ++)