WP 6: Long-term sustainable re-use of depleted fields  

1. Introduction

This work package will in close collaboration with work package 7 have focus on sustainable re-use of depleted fields and integration needs. We will identify regions on the NCS that are most suited for which storage purposes, from the perspectives of economics, practical constraints, performance and safety.

2. Research goals

We will advance the understanding for screening of depleted reservoirs to enable re-use of late-life fields for commercial H2/CO2 storage or another environmentally friendly purpose.

3. Delivery

  • Establish screening criteria for depleted fields in the framework of CO2/H2 storage
  • Transfer findings from other WPs to large scale H2/CO2 storage in depleted fields
  • Screened NCS fields for commercial H2 storage; desktop studies of 1-2 representative depleted fields

WP6 lead

Trine Mykkeltvedt Researcher
Energy & Technology Department, NORCE


6.1 Identify and rank areas of the NCS best suited for late-life conversion to CO2/H2 storage

6.2 System-level evaluation of conversion scenarios

WP6 staff

Roman Berenbluym

International partners
Remco Groenenberg (TNO)