Expert interview of CSSR director

The news agency Deutsche Welle (DW) was in Norway covering the official opening of the Northern Lights visitors centre and stopped by NORCE to hear the perspectives of carbon storage experts on how CCS can help reduce emissions safely and effectively. The reporters viewed new simulation results of the FluidFlower study also took a tour of the lab where CO2 storage experiments are conducted.

Watch the video report to hear excerpts of the expert interview with Sarah Gasda, CSSR director. Many thanks to Ketil Djurhuus, Morten Aara and David Landa Marban for supporting the site visit.

Date: November 15, 2022

Reporter: Max Zander, DW

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Vestland CCUS 2022

The annual seminar gathers representatives from research, academia, industry and the public sector from the greater Bergen region. A diverse and exciting two-day program highlighted cutting edge research and industrial innovations that will help accelerate deployment of CCUS technology in western Norway. Participants also had the unique opportunity to visit the Northern Lights site and hear the latest updates of the groundbreaking project.

The main message from participants is despite tremendous progress in recent years, time is running out! We need to move fast, we need to work together, and we need to innovate to reduce costs.

Group photo at Northern Lights visitor’s center. Photo credit: Veronica Helle, NORCE

The seminar was organized by NORCE and University of Bergen (UiB) in collaboration with Energiomstilling Vest, Grøn Region Vestland, Øygarden næringsutvikling KFGassnova SF og Bergen kommune. Read more on LinkedIn

Public lecture @ University Museum, Bergen

CSSR Centre Leaders Sarah Gasda and Martin Fernø have been invited to present CSSR and related CO2 storage research at a public lecture organized by NTVA, Academia Europaea and Tekna. The lecture will be held at the University Museum on May 24, 2022. A tour of the new exhibition “Vår Porøse Verden” and the FluidFlower will follow the lecture. Registration and further details are available on the UiB website.