CSSR Kick-off event

The key to reduced emissions lies precisely in research,” stated Terje Aasland Minister Petroleum and Energy in his remarks to officially launch CSSR on September 7, 2022. The centre received many warm words from our invited guests (press release). A highlight video sums up the marking of our “favorite day at work.”

From Terje Aasland, Minister of Petroleum and Energy

– This is actually a favorite day on the job because it is about our future. Take advantage of new opportunities and use them in a good way.

Terje Aasland (Minister of Petroleum and Energy)

Minister Aasland continued, “the centre will produce new knowledge and develop better digital methods for energy efficient reservoir management … Emissions will be cut by 50% by 2030 towards net-zero by 2050. The key to reduced emission lies precisely in research.”

From Christine I. M. Abildgaard, Research Council of Norway

We are marking the opening of a very important centre, but is also highlights the high quality of your research. Research and innovation will be increasingly important in the future, not the least for energy security, for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and to transfer competence to new industry and business areas.

Christina I. M. Abildgaard (Research Council of Norway)

Abildgaard emphasized the prestige of a Petrocentre and the criteria for its success, namely “to produce knowledge of a high international level with transparent results, create research results that have a useful value for industry partners […] and development of new researchers, PhD candidates and Postdoctoral fellows.

From Arne Jacobsen, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate

The Norwegian continental shelf is in demand like never before. – A central factor is increased subsurface understanding.

Arne Jacobsen (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate)

Jacobsen further stated that CSSR has many synergies with NPD’s own strategy and plans. “Value for society is crucial, and therefore it’s important that research and development is directed where it creates the most value.”

From Camilla Vavik Pedersen, Equinor

– The tasks to be solved will be demanding, the questions to answer will be far from simple, top nodge researchers and experts will be extremely important in order to solve the task we have ahead of us.

Camilla Vavik Pedersen (Equinor)

“CSSR – Centre for Sustainable Subsurface Resources, sustainable, subsurface resources, three very important topics in the times of climate crisis, energy crisis and where things seem to be changing a bit unpredictable and very fast,” continued Pedersen. “We can make reservoir engineering popular again.”

A festive atmosphere

We were honored to have had so many friends and colleagues with us to celebrate of this fantastic achievement. Now, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Enjoy the photo gallery!

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